Concierge Plan

Concierge Medicine provides patients with a more intimate and comfortable health experience than other kinds of plans for a yearly fee, or retainer fee. Complete with added benefits such as 24 hours/day house calls, in-office suturing and individual, attentive patient care, Concierge Medicine is the future of medicine. Other features include:

  • Same day office appointments.
  • House calls honored upon immediate request
  • Full physicals done in one hour including EKGs and sonograms, if necessary.

If you have ever called your doctor and not gotten a call back or played phone tag, you will love this service! Dr. Kenworthy’s cell phone number will be at your disposal 24/7.

1. An annual fee of $1000 – $1500/year depending on age.
Age 35 – 44 Age 45 – 65
Individual: $1000 Individual: $1500
Family: $1750 Family: $2550

2. Insurance coverage is recommended for your emergency room, hospital, specialist visits, and will be billed for any office visits. If you do not have insurance coverage, there will be a small fee of $50 – $75 for office visits.

3. The concierge fee is often tax-deductible through FLEX-spending plans or if non-reimbursed medical expenses exceed 6 – 7% of annual income.

4. There is no additional fee above whatever your insurance reimburses for an unlimited number of house called, and phone consultations.